Dinner Price 1500yen, 2500yen, 3500yen (All include Tax)
Country evening boiled rice European-food full-course dinner
It is a country chef specializing in evening boiled rice.
Japanese Cuisine
by owner wife, Yasuko
It is a chef specializing in European food.
French & Italian Cuisine
by owner, Masao
Barbecue Sunken hearth Ȃ
BBQ Dinner in Summer "Irori Cuisine" at Japanese Fire-Place
Canadian house
Original American Breakfast

  • Fresh juice
  • Homemade and fresh vegetable salad
  • An egg dish & ham or Vienna sausage
  • Seasonal fruit or seasonal yogurt
  • Toast or morning roll
  • Free drink (coffee, tea, and milk)
Price-1500yen (Include Tax)
We can arrange as you like.
American Breakfast


949-2106 Taguti 1394 Myoko-city Niigata JAPAN

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